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Suggestions for the perfect dining room

  1. The tablecloth must work with the table it is intended for. When calculating the size of a tablecloth, remember that the tablecloth should drop over the sides and corners. This is even more important when using square tablecloths on round tables. In these cases the greater the diameter of the table the lower the side drop should be to compensate for the greater drop at the corners and prevent the tips touching the ground.
  2. The quality of the fabric must work for the intended use of the tablecloths.  For catering this means mainly cotton, linen-cotton and pure linen, while mainly mixed-polyester is used for banquets.
  3. Finishing such as hemstitches and piping (straight or scallop) are more important for tablecloths and doilies than for napkins because they have greater impact in the room.
  4. Avoid piling too many colours on the table. If you opt for tablecloths and doilies of different colours, match the napkin to one or the other.
  5. Remember always to provide the tables with table felt which helps perfect the look of the laid table.

Tablecloths in union linen

Tablecloths in union linen

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