Sleeping with elegance / Suggestions

For perfect sleep

  1. Pay great attention to the choice of pillow, which should be neither too high nor too low. Preferably opt for feather or corn fibre pillows. Remember that pillows ‘thin out’ over time so should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.
  2. Ideally, go for a good duvet rather than a traditional wool blanket. Duvets are more functional. They are temperature controllers and help make the bed look better. Preferably opt for goose down or polyester microsphere duvets
  3. Ideally, the duvet cover and any second sheet if present should not be tucked in at the bottom so your foot is not restrained in any way.
  4. Always choose bedding made from natural fibres, cotton and linen; these are far better than acrylic and acrylic mixed fibres, which are less breathable and less comfortable.
  5. If possible, pay more attention to the quality of the fabrics used rather than the aesthetic ‘embellishments’ and remember that, in general, the greater the number of threads the higher the quality of the fabric and consequently the greater the sensation when in contact with your skin.

Cotton sateen set with embroidery

Cotton sateen set with embroidery

Cotton sateen set with piping

 Cotton sateen set with piping

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