Top quality / Strengths

Guaranteed service and quality

A Rivolta Carmignani product lasts longer:

1. Service.

  • Considerable investment in the semi-finished and finished fabrics warehouse and in the warehouse of items ready to ship, all to guarantee a unique service to customers in terms of:
  • Breadth of product range;
  • No minimum quantity required;
  • Rapid delivery of orders.

2. Quality is a point of departure and not of arrival.  

  • Choice of raw materials, design and quality control specifically for the hotel industry, with skills developed in 150 years of experience;
  • Extra-long, certified, Egyptian cotton fibres;
  • exclusive Flanders linen, Masters of Linen Club certified;
  • Indanthrene dyes selected for resistance to industrial washing;
  • Natural starches, water-soluble after a few washes;
  • chemical components used in the process of bleaching and finishing, only if compliant to the REACH Regulation;

3. Warranty. 

  • Production cycle entirely controlled, step by step and OEKO-TEX®Standard 1000 certified (the only company in Italy)
  • design on wash-resistant yarn-dyed items, which can even be reordered after 20 years;
  • complete internal production chain;
  • Packaging: manual cutting item by item and following the grain line for added stability and high resistance special packaging performed only with ‘core spun’ yarns (Egyptian cotton on the outside and polyester inside), with lock stitch (not simple chain stitch) and with a density of 5 points per cm. 

This is why we can guarantee the finished measurements of the item after first-wash shrinkage and can even resupply identical ones after 20 years.

Cotton cultivation in Egypt

Cotton cultivation in Egypt

Cultivation of flax in Flanders. Credits: CELC (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp)

 Cultivation of flax in Flanders. Credits: CELC (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp)

First quality control of raw fabric

First quality control of raw fabric

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