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150 years of fine linens

For 150 years Rivolta Carmignani has been producing fine linens in its historic Macherio headquarters, only a few kilometres from Milan. The quality of the fabrics along with exquisite tailoring have made the company an ambassador of premier Italian manufacturing at the most prestigious hotels and exclusive restaurants in the world. Today this talent and expertise have been extended to the home, offering the experience of an exclusive journey in everyday life; from a beautifully laid table to the intimacy of a welcoming bed.


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Rivolta Carmignani is the only Italian manufacturer with a fully integrated process which begins with the selection of precious yarns through to the production of the most refined jacquard. The production process combines ancient and rare craftsmanship (cutting, hemming and hand embroidery) with the latest generation looms, ensuring amazingly durable high-quality linens and endless customization options. Its centuries-old archive of exquisite decoration and embroideries continues to be renewed with modern appeal, while maintaining its timeless elegance. Thanks to a sensitivity to fine yarns, new textured-effect horizons are explored, where comfort gains true sensorial and aesthetic values. enriching the sensorial comfort and aesthetic beauty of each piece.

Our projects

For more than 150 years, Rivolta Carmignani has been adorning the most prestigious hotels, spas, and restaurants in the world with its dedicated collections and tailor-made creations.

Discover our most exclusive projects, supplied to some of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands in luxury hospitality.

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Rivolta Carmignani Home One & Only Palmilla progetti
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Premium care of your product

Much more than simply linens, Rivolta Carmignani products are family valuables which are preserved over generations and create a permanent bond between ourselves and our home. That is why it is important to take care of each linens item in the correct way, following some simple instructions to preserve quality and beauty and to guarantee maximum comfort and durability.
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Enter Our Atelier

Exclusivity is the hallmark of our linens. The Rivolta Carmignani Style Centre offers a tailored service and can successfully develop any custom-made projects for hotels, restaurants, spas but also private residences and luxury yachts.
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Be inspired by our Collections

Discover our new home collections. Find inspiration to decorate your interiors with beautiful fabrics, textures, and colours.