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Quality is our starting point

Our story lasts for over a century and a half, thanks to the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The search for the best quality of fabrics and creations is the root of our company and accompanies each step of our story: from the accurate selection of the finest raw materials to the passionate attention to details and the rigorous control of each stage of the production process. An always renewed quality is guaranteed by the uniqueness of our tailoring creations, the experience and flexibility of our service and the openness to the future in terms of innovation and trends, as well as the constant attention to our customers and the context in which they live.

The main purpose is providing our customers an excellent product, from every point of view, that reveals its value at the first touch and at the same time is able to stand the test of time through new trends and generations. For this reason our company focuses on three main assets in the proposal of luxury linens for hotels and home.

The whole
production cycle

  • The yarn is checked and analyzed using sophisticated machineries that certify its moisture, titration and resistance. All its characteristics, including colour, must meet our high quality standards.
  • At this stage, all the warp thread that will compose the fabric is wound around a steel cylinder, called beam, used in the weaving stage.
  • Weaving is realized through high tech looms, like those used for Jacquard that allow to create complex and unique patterns. It is a process carried out with care and experience by highly skilled personnel.
  • The fabric is inspected using a sophisticated equipment that allows to identify possible little flaws, typical of a natural raw material. An additional manual check allows to obtain best-quality fabrics.
  • Bleaching and finishing are fabric processing that enhance its appearance and characteristics giving it brilliance that lasts over time.
  • Each fabric is subjected to an accurate visual inspection and a laboratory test that allow to verify strength retention after bleaching and finishing , in order to guarantee the maximum durability of products over time.
  • At this stage, all the quality standards are verified and cutting and stitching procedures are arranged, with the addition of any accessories, like labels and zippers.
  • Fabrics are adorned by unique embroideries and other finishing that allow to meet customers’ customization needs.
  • At the end of the production cycle all the items are checked in order to verify the technical specifications and guarantee the highest quality typical of a tailoring.

The service

To guarantee the best product as quickly as possible, Rivolta Carmignani has an enormous stock of semi-finished and finished fabrics, as well as products ready to shipment.

The company offers also a customization service open to the most refined projects, even without the need for a minimum order. Rivolta Carmignani Style Department, made up to professionals coming from the most renowned Italian schools of Design, is led by a highly experienced Artistic Director with a great textile know-how.

All this for providing to each customer a flawless service in terms of flexibility and expertise.

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For us, quality does not mean only a perfect product, but also attention to customers and the context in which they live. We are proud to have been the first company in textile industry receiving the highest acknowledgments in terms of quality and eco-friendliness of our products.

Club Masters of Linen®

The register mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in Europe.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

It is awarded to companies identified as eco-friendly, both in processes and in factories, and whose products are free from harmful substances.

Standard STeP by OEKO-TEX®

It is awarded to companies which adopt sustainability criteria in all the branches that are relevant in terms of use of eco-friendly technologies and products and efficient use of resources, as well as the compliance with working conditions. Rivolta Carmignani has been the first company to be awarded this certification in 2014.

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