Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867
Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 la storia

Market leader since 1867

Spanning six generations of textile entrepreneurs, the history of Rivolta Carmignani is inextricably interwoven with family life, so to speak. Our Milanese trait the long-term vision, the sensitivity to international markets, the cult of innovation, attention to people, territory and environment.
These are the key factors which enabled the company to become a market leader in over 90 countries worldwide, supplying exquisitely tailored linen for refined hoteliers.
With Filippo, ambassador of the sixth generation of the Rivolta, the company returns to its origins. Thanks to his exceptional knowledge of the hospitality industry, he created a collection of linens solely dedicated to home decoration, revitalising ancient craftsmanship born in 1887 with the prestigious shop in Via Montenapoleone 38.
Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 il filo della storia

The thread
of history

The beginning

Leopoldo Rivolta began his production of fabrics in Macherio plant, a few kilometres from Milan.

Rivolta e C.

Luigi, Leopoldo’s son, founded Rivolta and C., specializing in the production and sale of high-quality linen and tablecloths.

Luigi Rivolta
and Enrico Carmignani

Luigi was introduced to Enrico Carmignani, a well-known textile industry sales agent, native to Tuscany. Together they founded Rivolta Carmignani, with the mission to offer their customers Italian quality and style in bed, bathroom and table linens.

Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 gli inizi
Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 gli inizi
Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 i tessuti

The shop in Via Montenapoleone

The brand opened to the public its first store in Via Montenapoleone in Milan, the area later known as the Italian “fashion district”. During the same period, the company started to build business relationships with the best hotels and restaurants in the world.


Expo Torino

During the Turin Expo, Rivolta Carmignani established itself as the Italian leader in the hotellerie.


Medal of Honour

International awards in followed one another as the company grew successfully in the main world markets of Europe, South America and North America. At the San Francisco International Expo, dedicated to the opening of the Panama Canal, Rivolta Carmignani received the highest recognition: the Medal of Honour.

Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 medaglia d’onore Expo internazionale
Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 riconoscimenti

The years of innovation

During an eclectic and complex thirty-year period, Aldo and Ugo Rivolta preserved their father’s heritage and committed to quality and luxury. They created an extraordinary collection of new designs and expanded clientele, particularly in Italy, including luxury ocean liners, exclusive restaurants and premier hotels.

Post war
new beginnings

A few years after the end of the Second World War, Luigi and Virginio Rivolta took over the family business, bringing it to fruition thanks to the modernization of the weaving plant, the integration of the production process, the collaboration with exclusive fashion houses and the launch of its products at the most important events in the hotel industry.

Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 stile italiano
Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 stile italiano
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Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 biancheria lusso hospitality

Aldo e Matteo Rivolta
look into the future

The journey continued with the arrival of cousins ​​Aldo and Matteo. The factory maintained its headquarters in Macherio (Milan), with renovated design, warping, weaving, quality control, bleaching, finishing, cutting, packaging, embroidery and shipping departments. The production cycle was fully integrated, from fine yarn to finished product, all under the careful supervision of the Rivolta cousins.


Italian luxury
goes international

The tenacity and the tireless commitment of the fifth generation of the Rivolta, together with unique knowledge combining luxury, quality and tradition, guaranteed the wealth and outstanding growth of the company worldwide.

Back “Home”

Under the guide of Filippo, ambassador of the sixth generation of Rivolta, the company diversified into two distinct product lines: one dedicated to luxury hotels and restaurants, the other to home interiors. Ambassador of Italian authenticity, Rivolta Carmignani became synonymous with innovation, master craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence in over 90 countries worldwide.

Rivolta Carmignani dal 1867 biancheria lusso hotel


Unique craftsmanship and knowledge of precious yarns allow for the creation of the finest textiles, finished with meticulous accuracy and customized with sartorial precision for each individual customer.


Among the few companies to maintain an entirely Italian production chain, Rivolta Carmignani has been a proud ambassador of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide since the 19th century. Its historical flair for international business encourages to maintain an open and dynamic culture.


A family business over six generations, Rivolta Carmignani brings its timelessly elegant products across the world, combining the most refined craftsmanship techniques with cutting-edge technology, in a continuous relationship between past, present and future.


Rivolta Carmignani was the first Italian company in the textile industry to be awarded Oeko-Tex Step certification. The long-lasting quality of its linens are is an invitation to abandon throwaway culture, while choosing instead first-rate linen items which can be handed down, offered, and loved over time.

Quality linen is timeless. It crosses the generations and weaves a special relationship between ourselves and our home.

Matteo Rivolta