Our Home Collections

Rivolta Carmignani is a journey into the refined comfort of precious yarns and timeless adornments; an unrivalled hotel experience enjoyed within your home. The Home Collection was born from innate Italian style and international influence gained through centuries-old of experience into more than 90 countries worldwide. Discover our collections and bring new life to your home interiors.



Frame is the elegant collection designed by Rivolta Carmignani for demanding and refined customers.
The high quality of yarn and the finest finishing of the fabric of pure cotton 300TC sateen give a soft and pleasant hand to the item.
The refined embroidery makes the set elegant and contemporary.


Domino is a double face light quilt made in 300TC pure cotton sateen with a polyester filling.
The soft and pleasant hand obtained thanks to the finest yarns and the exclusive finishing, the choice of contrasting colours and its pleasant warmth make this item versatile.


Inspired by punto selleria, originally used to hand-stitch saddles, Couture plaid expresses Rivolta Carmignani ability to produce with cutting-edge techniques the typical products of long ago.
Thanks to its know-how, Rivolta Carmignani has designed an embroidery that expresses the taste of handmade of the most precious stitching.
Couture is made of 100% merinos wool and features a light filling.
Shangri-La Jq


A sequence of Oriental patterns adorns the products of the elegant Shangri-La Jacquard collection. Lights effects created by the clever jacquard technique of Rivolta Carmignani enhance the essentiality of the motif and the agility of its movement. Precious pure cotton yarns (600 threads per square inch) create sophisticate sateen with a soft and silky hand.
The Shangri-La Jacquard collection expresses class and elegance and is well adapted to refined contemporary bedrooms. Entirely manufactured in Italy, it is available in white color.


Contemporary elegance to furnish your bed.
The Tailor plaid by Rivolta Carmignani is made of precious cashmere and merinos wool.
Matching with its decorative cushion, Tailor adds elegance and warmth with its neutral tones.
It is also a precious gift for the most importat occasion.


The ancient tuscan handcraft technique, with which the linen wefts of the most precious trousseau were hand-drawn, inspired the design of Defilé plaid. It is realized with cutting-edge techlogies thanks to Rivolta Carmignani know-how.
Defilé plaid is made of 90% merinos wools and 10% cashmere and is available in three colors: beige dune, grigio perla and azzurro ghiaccio.


The combination of highly-specialized technology and the late 19th century damasks, kept in the company’s archives and now revised in a contemporary way, is the essence of Waldorf collection. A refined and timeless product, where lighting and shadow effects created by the jacquard pattern enhance the brightness of the sateen (600 threads per square inch). The collection is entirely manufactured in Macherio factory.
The highest quality of fabrics, the attention payed in manufacturing and the meticulous care of finishing make the items of this collection true must-haves for the must refined and demanding customers.


Small jacquard patterns embroider the precious sateen of the Resort collection. Contemporaneity and elegance coexist in its essential design of Oriental inspiration.
The precious long-staple cotton, the most advanced textile know-how and the care for details and finishings make Resort the perfect product for the most refined customers. The silky and embracing hand embellishes the beds of the most beautiful and prestigious houses. Resort is entirely manufactured in Italy.
pret a porter piccola


Prêt-à-porter is the elegant collection designed by Rivolta Carmignani for demanding and refined customers.
The high quality of percale and the trendy color matching are embellished with a contrasting cording that adds an exclusive and contemporary touch to Rivolta Carmignani proposal.
silver action bed


The top-quality fabrics and tailoring expertise of Rivolta Carmignani, Made-in-Italy ambassador at the most prestigious hotels in the world for more than 150 years, come to our homes thanks to Suite collection. A precious pure cotton sateen (300 threads per square inch) characterized by an essential embroidery.
Suite bed linenes transform our homes into dream places, to let us rediscover the luxury of carefully crafted linen in the most intense moments of life, in the intimate pleasure of a welcoming bed.


Printed on a precious pure cotton sateen (300 threads per square inch), the floral pattern of the Bristol collection perfectly expresses the mix between drawing and photographic effects, able to create a sense of depth. Inspired by Rivolta Carmignani historical archives, this refined pattern gives a unique and contemporary style to the bedroom. Available in three different nuances: Tropea pink, pearl grey and teak.
icon bed


Answering a desire for refined elegance, the Icon collection is featured by the precious triple piping that runs along a super soft pure cotton sateen. The three iconic colors of Rivolta Carmignani, blue, sand and white, best express the new brand image. Available in a wide color palette, the collection gracefully dresses the bed adding a contemporary touch to the environment.
silver action bed


Silver Action collection is characterized by the Silver Plus technology, a highly innovative finishing that transfers to fabrics the sanitizing properties of silver micro-particles, always known for their bacteriostatic and antifungal activity.
This treatment guarantees hygienic and fresh bed linens, even with washing at low temperatures. All the products of Silver Action collection are Made in Italy and stand out for their resistance to several washing and ironing.
relais bed


The top-quality fabrics and tailoring expertise of Rivolta Carmignani, Made-in-Italy ambassador at the most prestigious hotels in the world for more than 150 years, come to our homes thanks to Relais collection. A precious pure cotton sateen (300 threads per square inch) is adorned with a refined piping adding an elegant touch to the bedroom.
Relais bed linens transform our homes into dream places, to let us rediscover the luxury of carefully crafted linen in the most intense moments of life, in the intimate pleasure of a welcoming bed.
Plaza bed


Linen, a timeless classic and raw material par excellence, expresses a totally unexpected and innovative urban chic mood in the Plaza collection.
The special stone-washed finishing guarantees the “shabby” look of the fabric, eliminating any stiffness and making it more flexible and softer. The resulting creases make this product a real contemporary design must-have.
The cozy look of Plaza, particularly appreciated by young people for its practicality, best expresses its aesthetics without the need for ironing. Available in three color variants: white, beige and lead grey.


The timeless elegance of the delicate hemstitch embroiders the pure linen items of Rivolta Carmignani Classic collection. The European linens, have been selected on the basis of high qualitative standard that guarantee a uniform yarn and final result of great elegance. The thread count of the long-staple linen allows to obtain a toned and resistant fabric, where the rare and typical slubs represent the high quality of the raw material. The freshness of Classic bed linens is the result of cutting-edge technologies.
The sartorial tailoring and the care of details make Classic a true “must have”, entirely Made in Italy and suitable to the most refined bedrooms.
prestige ambientata piccola


Prestige collection, in pure cotton sateen (600 threads per square inch), is a real immersion into the intimate pleasure of a welcoming bed.
The accurate selection of the best Supima Egyptian Cotton, its long fiber, the double twist and the mercerization of yarn are the successful mix that guarantees the high quality sateen.
A princely product embellished by the unique finishing. An embroidery of extreme essentiality, the refined hemstitch, enhances the silky handle, the softness and brightness of this beautiful bed linen of fine Italian quality .
deluxe ambientata piccola


Deluxe collection, made of pure cotton percale (250 threads per square inch), features the huge freshness and softness of the fabric and the excellence of raw material. Made of precious Supina Egyptian long-staple Cotton, the bed linens of Deluxe collection offer a luxury experience of good sleep. The accurate finishing eliminate every stiffness of the fabric and guarantee a result of huge uniqueness: a fresh hand, a unique softness and a “crispy” touch for luxury lovers. The refined piping is the touch of class of this Made in Italy masterpiece.
piquet piquet piccola


Piquet Piquet, Rivolta Carmignani iconic product, is the excellence of bedcovers in the world of bed linens. Made of precious pure cotton, Piquet Piquet features micro-patterns that thanks to the highest technologies acquire a three-dimensional effect.
The rhombus motif, typical of the bedcover in the suites of the most prestigious hotels in the world, is a pattern that represents the history of Rivolta Carmignani and is realized in its Italian factory.
The soft and fresh fabric and the sartorial tailoring make Piquet Piquet a timeless product that kindly enter the most sophisticated bedrooms.
chain collezione raso ricamato grigio


The Chain collection adorns with elegance and refinement Rivolta Carmignani’s luxury pure cotton sateen bedlinens thank to its essential and contemporary design.
Kept in the historic archives of the company, the Chain motif, once selected for the suites of the most prestigious hotels in the world, has been now revised in new colors, pearl grey and Capri blue. Chain is entirely manufactured in Italy.
biancheria letto canapa kanapa particolare


Hemp is the new trend of contemporary luxury, more and more oriented toward natural, ecofriendly and high quality products.
The Kanapa collection is the result of Rivolta Carmignani’s continuous search for innovative solutions, aimed at meeting the needs of the most refined customers.
The Kanapa collection provides a contemporary comfort and is available in two neutral tones, able to adapt to any environments: white and leather hide yellow.


Natural and balanced colors, embellished by rich in history and meaningful motifs of Oriental inspiration, are the essence of the Shangri-La collection.
The embroidered decoration reinterprets an antique Japanese pattern and adds elegance and contemporaneity to the most refined rooms.
The soft pure cotton sateen of the bed linen sets provides quiet and accompany you into a moment of rest in total relaxation, while the white terry towels, with embroidery in contrasting color, add exclusive elegance to your intimate moment of well-being.


Delicate nuances accompany the precious and refined embroidery along with a unique and exquisite pattern. A golden thread highlights the shape of the tailored-made motifs thanks to the experience and the clever use of technology. The Royal collection embodies the elegance of the timeless design and the classy touch that embellishes the most refined rooms. The elegant bed linen sets and the soft terry towels add a sense of well-being to all the moments of relaxation.


An exclusive collection inspired by the sophisticated and rich in history environment of the French stables of Angers. Characterized by handmade sartorial stitching, Ecurie d’Angers collection expresses the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. The softness of the pure cotton sateen and the fluffy terry towels, add a touch of elegance to the bedroom and bathroom, thanks to the refined contrast of colors.


Answering a desire for refined elegance, the Lounge collection is characterized by the precious ‘inverted’ Bourdon stitch embroidered border, a unique tailoring process created by Rivolta Carmignani. Made in solid colour and available in a wide colour palette, the collection wraps any living area or bedroom with extreme softness; from a sumptuous bed, dressed in pure, long-fibre cotton satin to the soft throw blankets and the of decorative velvet pillowcases.


A precious, solid colour fabric with multicolour bourdon embroidery meets a delicate floral pattern in matching colours. The Crystal Sartorial collection brings a bold and contemporary style to any bedroom. The refined flower motif, available in a wide colour range, originates from the historical archives of Rivolta Carmignani, making each piece in the collection both exclusive and unique. The entire collection is crafted in supremely soft cotton satin.


The precious Greek fret, inspired by the world of saddlery and horse riding, and the superb fabric quality are the distinguishing features of The Hermitage collection. The exquisite embroidery enriches all the elements of this collection, ensuring elegance and style to any bedroom or bathroom. Made of fine, pure long-fibre cotton satin, bed linens coordinate with the soft, embroidered towels in this collection.


The lively embroideries and the contemporary design give an unprecedented dynamism to the fine tailoring of the Carlton collection, through which Rivolta Carmignani reinterprets the traditional chevron motif in a unique way. The decorative rhythm of the embroidery, available in a wide colour palette, characterize each bed linen set, manufactured in super-soft cotton satin and the sumptuous towels of the Carlton collection.


The precious and refined lace animates this pure white, romantically feminine collection. The Liberty collection brightens up any bedroom or bathroom with its super soft cotton satin bedlinen sets and its elegant towels. Delicate macramé inserts with naturalistic motifs give interiors a timeless and refined appeal.


The elegant and ornamental damask decoration of the Victorian collection is a timeless icon of Rivolta Carmignani fabrics. The ‘Victorian’ motif hails from the company’s historical archive and has retained its originality, thanks to the accurate use of new weaving techniques. This super soft, cotton satin collection can gracefully adorn every room of the house; from an intimately styled bedroom, a beautifully laid dining table, to a pristine bathroom.



The new Imperiale bath collection by Rivolta Carmignani expresses all the requirements of luxury and high-quality.
600gsm of pure cotton, great absorbency capacity and a special soft hand, this item has been designed for those who love a fluffy and absorbent terry.
A jacquard border with an innovative design and trendy colour palette are the result of a careful selection to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
Fiocco di neve


Fiocco di Neve is the new Christmas table linen by Rivolta Carmignani.
Refined >golden embroideries run along the precious pure cotton fabric and make these items a must-have for an elegant and original table setting during the upcoming holiday season.
Fiocco di Neve is made in Italy.
Galassia Ricamo


Galassia Ricamo is Rivolta Carmignani tablecloth inspired by the golden glare of the stars in Milan sky.
Small golden embroidered stars chase each over in a sinuous movement along the precious cotton fabric of the tablecloth and make Galassia the must-have of this Christmas Holiday to welcome your guests in a refined and original way.
Galassia Ricamo is Made in Italy.


Coming from Rivolta Carmignani historical archives, the refined jacquard pattern of Rinascimento tablecloth takes new shape thanks to the company know-how and cutting-edge technologies.
The past presents itself to the future, tradition is proposed in a new way. The timeless refinement of Rivolta Carmignani welcomes your guests with finest tablecloths.
sateen gold tavola piccola


A refined golden piping runs along a precious pure cotton sateen. Sateen Gold table linen, ideal to dress up the table during the most special occasions, features the essential and elegant embroidery.
Tablecloths in several sizes, including place mats and runners, and perfectly matching napkins. These items, available in white color, are entirely made in Italy.
vischio jq collezione piccola


The mistletoe auspicious pattern embroiders the table linens of Vischio Jq collection, designed by Rivolta Carmignani for a refined Christmas table.
The precious jacquard fabric and the golden hemstitch elegantly embellish these table linens that dress our holidays table.
Vischio Jq table linen is available in white color both with the typical hand of linen, more classic and suitable to a traditional table, and with the softer and cozier hand of cotton, suitable for a more contemporary table. Available in several sizes, including runners and place mats, the Vischio Jq tablecloth perfectly matches the napkins of the collection. Entirely made in Italy.
vischio ornamentale


The mistletoe auspicious pattern gives life to a precious embroidery and adorns with great refinement this pure linen table linen, designed by Rivolta Carmignani for the Christmas table. The mistletoe berries chase each other along the sinuous lines of an antique damask making it modern and original.
Made in the single white color variant, the Vischio Ornamentale tablecloths are available in several sizes, including place mats and runner, and perfectly match the embroidered napkins.
Vischio Ornamentale Collection is Made in Italy.
rivolta carmignani per cracco


Rivolta Carmignani is pleased to present the first capsule collection in collaboration with Cracco.
The collection is made up of two place mats and matching napkins. A refined sage green piping runs along a precious pure cotton fabric. The place mat is available is two different styles, with or without cutlery pocket with the embroidered Chef’s initial.
A versatile place mats set that stands out for the minimalist and exquisite embroidery, suitable for everyday life and ideal to dress the table on all occasions.