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Rivolta Carmignani is a journey into the refined comfort of precious yarns and timeless adornments; an unrivalled hotel experience enjoyed within your home. The Home Collection was born from innate Italian style and international influence gained through centuries-old of experience into more than 90 countries worldwide. Discover our collections and bring new life to your home interiors.

pret a porter piccola collezione


Prêt-à-porter is the elegant collection designed by Rivolta Carmignani for demanding and refined customers.
The high quality of percale and the trendy color matching are embellished with a contrasting cording that adds an exclusive and contemporary touch to Rivolta Carmignani proposal.
chain collezione raso ricamato grigio


The Chain collection adorns with elegance and refinement Rivolta Carmignani’s luxury pure cotton sateen bedlinens thank to its essential and contemporary design.
Kept in the historic archives of the company, the Chain motif, once selected for the suites of the most prestigious hotels in the world, has been now revised in new colors, pearl grey and Capri blue. Chain is entirely manufactured in Italy.
biancheria letto canapa kanapa particolare


Hemp is the new trend of contemporary luxury, more and more oriented toward natural, ecofriendly and high quality products.
The Kanapa collection is the result of Rivolta Carmignani’s continuous search for innovative solutions, aimed at meeting the needs of the most refined customers.
The Kanapa collection provides a contemporary comfort and is available in two neutral tones, able to adapt to any environments: white and leather hide yellow.


Natural and balanced colors, embellished by rich in history and meaningful motifs of Oriental inspiration, are the essence of the Shangri-La collection.
The embroidered decoration reinterprets an antique Japanese pattern and adds elegance and contemporaneity to the most refined rooms.
The soft pure cotton sateen of the bed linen sets provides quiet and accompany you into a moment of rest in total relaxation, while the white terry towels, with embroidery in contrasting color, add exclusive elegance to your intimate moment of well-being.


Delicate nuances accompany the precious and refined embroidery along with a unique and exquisite pattern. A golden thread highlights the shape of the tailored-made motifs thanks to the experience and the clever use of technology. The Royal collection embodies the elegance of the timeless design and the classy touch that embellishes the most refined rooms. The elegant bed linen sets and the soft terry towels add a sense of well-being to all the moments of relaxation.


An exclusive collection inspired by the sophisticated and rich in history environment of the French stables of Angers. Characterized by handmade sartorial stitching, Ecurie d’Angers collection expresses the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. The softness of the pure cotton sateen and the fluffy terry towels, add a touch of elegance to the bedroom and bathroom, thanks to the refined contrast of colors.


Answering a desire for refined elegance, the Lounge collection is characterized by the precious ‘inverted’ Bourdon stitch embroidered border, a unique tailoring process created by Rivolta Carmignani. Made in solid colour and available in a wide colour palette, the collection wraps any living area or bedroom with extreme softness; from a sumptuous bed, dressed in pure, long-fibre cotton satin to the soft throw blankets and the of decorative velvet pillowcases.


A precious, solid colour fabric with multicolour bourdon embroidery meets a delicate floral pattern in matching colours. The Crystal Sartorial collection brings a bold and contemporary style to any bedroom. The refined flower motif, available in a wide colour range, originates from the historical archives of Rivolta Carmignani, making each piece in the collection both exclusive and unique. The entire collection is crafted in supremely soft cotton satin.


The precious Greek fret, inspired by the world of saddlery and horse riding, and the superb fabric quality are the distinguishing features of The Hermitage collection. The exquisite embroidery enriches all the elements of this collection, ensuring elegance and style to any bedroom or bathroom. Made of fine, pure long-fibre cotton satin, bed linens coordinate with the soft, embroidered towels in this collection.


The lively embroideries and the contemporary design give an unprecedented dynamism to the fine tailoring of the Carlton collection, through which Rivolta Carmignani reinterprets the traditional chevron motif in a unique way. The decorative rhythm of the embroidery, available in a wide colour palette, characterize each bed linen set, manufactured in super-soft cotton satin and the sumptuous towels of the Carlton collection.


The precious and refined lace animates this pure white, romantically feminine collection. The Liberty collection brightens up any bedroom or bathroom with its super soft cotton satin bedlinen sets and its elegant towels. Delicate macramé inserts with naturalistic motifs give interiors a timeless and refined appeal.


The elegant and ornamental damask decoration of the Victorian collection is a timeless icon of Rivolta Carmignani fabrics. The ‘Victorian’ motif hails from the company’s historical archive and has retained its originality, thanks to the accurate use of new weaving techniques. This super soft, cotton satin collection can gracefully adorn every room of the house; from an intimately styled bedroom, a beautifully laid dining table, to a pristine bathroom.

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